About Us

COLUMBIA CHOIRS is an international award-winning, community based, non-sectarian family of choirs training singers pre-school through adult. Since 1984 we have been bringing singers together for international award-winning musical training and performance opportunities. We believe everyone can learn how to carry a tune and have a variety of opportunities to help our singers grow personally through singing.

We train singers pre-school through adult utilizing rehearsal facilities in Redmond (serving all “Eastside” communities along the I-405 and I-90 corridors). The rehearsal location is in the city of Redmond near the “Emerald City” of Seattle, Washington State (U.S.A.). Approximately 300 singers come from 30 communities and 15 school districts to make glorious music together.

Our Philosophy

We believe singers are special people and deserve the best possible music and training as they develop their God-given talent for singing. We believe singing is the most personal of the ways to make music and a variety of music is the best tool for introducing people to the inspirational world of singing (classical secular, classical religious, art songs, folksongs, etc.). The music we study and perform is carefully selected for its message content and quality of craftsmanship. Our staff teaches music and individual songs as landscapes of emotion. The combination of attention to the details of music (scientific) and using one’s voice to express the emotion (art) of music leads singers of all ages to broaden their awareness of themselves. They learn it is perfectly normal to feel and express emotions to others in healthy ways. The ultimate joy of this learning experience is for singers to share their developed talents through performances locally, regionally and worldwide. We encourage and celebrate individual, personal growth at Columbia Choirs and deeply believe in the positive things our training does for our members.”   —  Steve Stevens, Columbia Choirs Founder-Artistic Director

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