We Believe…

A singing person is a happier person.

An enjoyable, encouraging environment is the best learning environment.

All of our singers from early childhood through youth to adults deserve the best….

      leadership by professional musicians who positively motivate and inspire singers…

            quality of music – a variety of styles from throughout the centuries

                   message content – the music must be wholesome and worthwhile,

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We believe several needs must be met for a person to have the maximum, positive experience from the choir, so we use a combination of activities to provide….

CONSISTENCY – an encouraging, comfortable, welcoming learning environment through regularly scheduled rehearsals lead by professional musicians skilled at leading, inspiring and motivating singers in positive ways. Our singers learn music carefully selected for message content, age appropriateness and quality..

VARIETY – We sing myriad types of music in a variety of styles from the classics to folksongs from various periods of music and in many different languages. Performance venues include singing the national anthem for the region’s professional sports teams, performing in Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Symphony, singing in retirement and nursing homes, in hospitals, shopping malls, on radio and television, on the Christmas Ship, for the lighting of the Seattle Christmas tree, places of worship, private parties and schools. Summer tours for the concert levels see the singers performing in festivals, competitions, concert halls and churches in the United States and around the world.

RECOGNITION – While Columbia Choirs is a group activity, we are creative in finding ways to recognize, encourage and honor each person’s efforts to participate and improve.

CONNECTION– We know that a great deal of a singer’s enjoyment comes from the friends made through the choir. We have weekend retreats with musical and recreational activities enabling people to become better acquainted. For the children and youth levels, the parents participate in providing a safe, controlled atmosphere by serving as chaperones on all of our retreats and tours.

GROWTH – Every rehearsal is designed to help each singer know more upon leaving the rehearsal than when s/he arrived. We teach skills which will build more self-confidence, promote vocal health and strength, musicianship (the language of music), performance skills (presentation) and concentration skills.

CONTRIBUTION – The singers grow even more in confidence and enjoyment when they share their developed gift for music and singing through performances. They contribute to others’ well being when they sing for them. The choirs perform at least once per quarter. The children and youth perform for each other (in-house recitals), and all singers participate in the choir’s annual concert series (Fall, Holiday, Winter and Spring).  The children participate in the children’s singing festivals we sponsor each year and perform in retirement and nursing homes. Our more experienced singers (children’s concert choir, youth choir, Con Brio Women’s Choir and Concord Chamber Choir) also sing with professional orchestras like Seattle Symphony, Orchestra Seattle, NW Chamber Orchestra, also for various public and private events. We also donate performances to worthy causes helping children, women and families.

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